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146.680 - C4FM
444.825 + PL 151.4. NCTC

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Become a Ham

"No Code Requirement! You can do this. Become an Amateur Radio Operator"

Becoming an amateur radio operator is fun. Anyone can do this. There are links on this page to FREE study material. Pass a 35 question test and get your Amateur Radio License! Join in the fun.

Hopkins County Amateur Radio Club is referring anyone interested in testing to get there Amateur Radio License to the
Rains Amateur Radio Association in Emory, Texas. Please visit there website at http://w5ent.org/index.html for time, location and contact information of there next session.

Contact:Trent Pergrem K5VES at tpergrem@gmail.com for scheduling.

Its Fun. The best way to get started is with some of the links below

ARRL website (American Radio Relay League) Hello Radio Page http://www.arrl.org/helloradio-org
ARRL License, Education, and Training http://www.arrl.org/licensing-education-training
ARRL Getting your Technician Class License http://www.arrl.org/getting-your-technician-license
ARRL full color U.S Amateur Bands Chart can be downloaded free. Get one.

KB6NU has a free "No Nonsense" Technician Class Study Guide http://www.kb6nu.com/tech-manual/
On The same page you will also fine the "No Nonsense" study guides for General and Amateur Extra class license. These "No Nonsense Study Guides" go into more detail and explain the math needed to really understand the how and why behind the questions on all 3 license tests. The Technician and General Class "No Nonsense" guides are free. The extra class does cost, but is well worth the investment. It is a concise guide to learning the material needed to pass your exam.

Fred Benson, NC4FB has the most up to date and extensive Free license study material I have seen. Covering all FCC licenses that are available, his material is first class, and Free!
NC4FB Technician Study http://www.nc4fb.org/wordpress/?page_id=1514
NC4FB Main License Page has links for all his excellent study guides.
NC4FB has Technician, General And Extra Class Flash Cards available at these download links...
NC4FB Technician Class Flash Cards
NC4FB General Class Flash Cards
NC4FB Extra Class Flash Cards
These flash cards can be unzipped and put on your pc. Very nice. There is also a kindle version available for purchase inexpensively that is well worth the investment. If you have an iphone or android with a kindle app, you can take the flash cards with you anywhere! Also free are the desktop testing app for PC. NC4FB site is up to date and a great help. Thanks Fred.

AA9WP is a great site to take a practice test! AA9WP Practice Test Site
If you can consistantly make 84% at the AA9WP site, you're ready for the real test!

Whatever you want, set your mind to it and follow through Now... See you on the air!

updated Jan 21, 2018