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Anderson Powerpole Information by Ed, K5OLA with Technical Links.
Thanks to Ed Olague for an informative demonstration and talk on the use of Anderson Powerpole connectors, the ARES standard for equipment connection during emergencies, and an excellent choice for solid power connections. Ed demonstrated the correct use of the connectors.
Ed also recommended a special crimp tool that properly holds the connector and crimps wihout distorting it.

Here are some additional resources for download that support Ed's presentation, based on Ed's recommendation and information about the products he purchased.
Official Anderson Powerpole documentation
Powerpole tips from Westmountain Radio
PWR Crimp Tool Manual from Westmountain Radio
Anderson Powerpole research on eBay


Possibly more than any other project, Hams like to build antennas. Here are great low to no cost projects you can build.

Copper Pipe J-Pole calculator. This antenna works on both 2m and 70cm Roger, KF5TNX built one. Tunes up nicely with low SWR on both bands. http://www.hamuniverse.com/jpole.html

Hamuniverse.com antenna page has an ocean of designs for any band, any style antenna you can imagine. http://www.hamuniverse.com/antennas.html

$4 W1GFH antenna for HF. Just Build it. http://www.hamuniverse.com/fourdollarspecialw1gfh

Dimensions for HF Antennas. Nice tables to use as reference from a club in Hawaii

VK5AJL Center Fed multiband dipoles (non-resonant wire antennas) http://vk5ajl.com/info/G5RV

Hamuniverse Multi-band HF Dipole Two links

Feedlines, Baluns and UNUNs

If you're building antennas, you will want to connect them to your radio. These are a few sites that have information on what type feed line to use, and matching them with Baluns and UNUNs.

W8JI 4:1 Balun design. http://www.w8ji.com/balun_single_core_41_analysis

VK5AJL Balun Education from the gound up.http://vk5ajl.com/projects/baluns.php

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updated June 29, 2017