Weekly Net:

Monday Night: 7:30pm
146.92 - PL 88.5


146.68 repeater is in mix mode
146.680 - C4FM
146.680 - Tone 151.4
444.825 + PL 151.4. NCTC

Quick Links


K5SST Hopkins County Amateur Radio Club links page is a great resource for your Amateur Radio related searches. You will find great sites to do Callsign lookups, see reviews by real Hams on both current and older gear, learn about trends in Amateur radio, and more.

All Links Open up a new Tab in your browser so you don't loose your place at K5SST

Skywarn Storm Spotter Links

Skywarn Storm Spotter Program - Norman OK
Storm Spotter Resources
NWS Norman Online Spotter Training

QRZ.com is a quick way to lookup any any Callsign, get details on the ham operator, and even use their free online Logbook to log your contacts http://www.qrz.com/

eHam.net is well known for reviews on all vintage of ham gear, antennas, radios, even software by real hams. Any ham can write a review. This has been one of my favorite sources of knowledge about what's on the market, what works, and what doesn't. Check it out for yourself. They also have forums, study materials, and more. All free http://www.eham.net/

RadioQTH.net offers FREE printable Station Certificates suitable for framing. Very nice.
RadioQTH .net also lets you design and print Free QSL Cards. Get your's at their site. They also have an excellent links page on Vanity Call and other licensing needs.

Hamuniverse.com is a huge resource for build it yourself projects, operating tips, antenna design of all types, and more. Many of the antenna projects I have built and use came from this site. You won't be disappointed. http://www.hamuniverse.com/

HamRadioNation.com is the Ham Radio equivalent of Facebook. Get together with other Hams on the internet. Lookup an old friend. http://www.hamradionation.com/home.php

OMISS.NET (Old Man International Sideband Society. Looking for a net to join on HF? You'll find one here. Free logbook online also. http://www.omiss.net/Facelift/

ARRL North Texas news website http://www.arrlntx.org

ARRL West Gulf - Representing Amateur Radio in Oklahoma and Texas http://arrlwgd.org

HamQSL has extensive Solar Terrestrial Data (on K5SST home page) In case you are interested in what the feed means on the top right of our home page, here is a pdf document called Understanding Propogation, created by the author hamqsl.com to explain. I thought it was helpful. http://www.hamqsl.com/Understanding Propagation

Logging Your Contacts

MicroLog by Jerry Gentry WA0H is a small windows log book program that comes with the U.S. Calls in it. Calls in the U.S. are updatable from inside the program. At $10 it's inexpensive and you can take it with you on a laptop.
K4CY Logger32 is a free Logging program but XP is the latest operating system supported.
N3FJP Suite is a collection of logging programs for any type of contest, event, and Field Day, Individual log programs are inexpensive, or you can purchase the entire suite with lifetime updates.
DXLab is a Free collection of numerous programs and modules used for logging and station management.
N1MM is free and supports phone, cw, digital modes with contest logging and control.
WB3W Field Day Log was used by K5SST and W5ENT for networked logging of contacts at the 2013 Field Day. Multiple laptops were stationed at each Radio Setup and all contacts made were instantly updated on everyone's logging screen. It included an interface to update license information from the FCC license database. And it was Free. Thanks to WB3W for his free Field Day Log.
HRD - Ham Radio Deluxe is a logging and station control package that keeps up to date with new radios and interfaces with ARRL LOTW (logbook of the world). Digital mode radio control is supported in HRD. Version 6 is paid with a free Trial. Version 5 is still available on their site free, though it is getting old and is not updated.

There are lots of other computer logbook options. QRZ has a free log book online. When AF5LL upgraded his license he lost all the log information listed under is previous call KF5TNX. Poof... It vanished. If you use an online log, print or download it to be sure this won't happen if you upgrade or get a Vanity Call.

If you know of a logbook for computer, free or otherwise you recommend please submit your opinion and a link to the site to AF5LL at K5SST.org for publishing on the K5SST.

Local Area Ham Radio Organizations

Rains Amateur Radio Association, with whom we get together for events, and Field Day. Rains ARA Repeater 146.92- / PL 88.5 http://w5ent.org/

Greenville's Sabine Valley Amateur Radio Association 146.780- PL 114.8 http://www.k5gvl.org/

Fannin County Amateur Radio Club Repeaters 145.130- 145.470- 443.750+ (No tone) http://www.k5frc.org/

Paris Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club 146.760- WB5RDD/R (pl 203.5) 444.475 KI5DX/R (pl 100.0) http://www.wb5rdd.org/

If you would like other sites listed, email AF5LL at K5SST.org

updated Dec. 04, 2017