Weekly Net:

Monday Night: 7:30pm
Moved to
146.92 - PL 88.5

Thursday Night: 8:30pm
444.825 + offset,PL 151.4


146.68 repeater is in mix mode
146.680 - C4FM
146.680 - Tone 151.4
444.825 + PL 151.4. NCTC

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Hopkins county Amateur Radio Club operates several Repeaters, making VHF and UHF communications more convenient. All Licensed Amateur Operators are welcome.

146.680 - C4FM
146.680 - Tone 151.4
444.825 + PL 151.4. NCTC Link System *

Other Local Repeaters
145.110 - T 100.0 FLG - Freedom-Link Group

* NCTC stands for North Central Texas Connection and is the combination of the former RAILS System serving Northeast Texas and the old Waspnet Link System that stretched across the DFW Metroplex and the Red River Valley. Nathan Bailey, N5REL, Trustee for K5SST updated the repeater's IDs over Field Day weekend 2013 to reflect this change from "RAILS" to "NCTC Link System."

Google Map of NCTC System with FLG - ETECS and ERS

The NCTC system is used to support the NWS in Ft.Worth TX. The FLG system is used to support the NWS in Shreveport LA. When the two system are linked together this allows both weather services to communicate via RF and gather information from storm spotters across North Central and North East Texas, Southwest Arkansas and Northwest LA.

The NCTC system is linked with theFreedom-Link Group (FLG) every Wednesday and Sunday. You can use either the 444.825 or 145.110 repeaters on these two days to access the combined linked systems.

The East Texas Emergency Communication Services (ETECS) is on occasion connected to the NCTC system. The Emergency Repeater Service (ERS) in North Dallas is on most days connected to the NCTC system. Especially for the Net that occurs every Thursday night at 8:30pm.

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Updated Dec. 04, 2017